The Road to a National Curriculum

Robert Eitel and Kent Talbert explore problems and offer legal insights on Common Core, Race to the Top, conditional waivers and other critical education issues.

The Gold Standard: The Foundation of Our Economy’s Greatness

Scholar Brian Domitrovic surveys American economic history and shows how the gold standard was responsible for the country’s most remarkable period of economic growth.

Controlling Education from the Top: Why Common Core Is Bad for America

Emmett McGroarty and Jane Robbins document Common Core’s numerous problems — from its mediocre quality and threats to student privacy to its massive costs and questionable legality — in this groundbreaking report.

Restoring Sound Money: What the States Can Do

Rich Danker outlines the Constitutional basis for sound money and suggests how state governments can bypass a stagnant federal system and spur a return to hard currency.

National Cost of Aligning States and Localities to the Common Core Standards

This joint Pioneer Institute and American Principles Project report outlines the financial burden that Common Core imposes on states and localities across America.

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