Family First: Reclaiming the GOP’s Forgotten Constituency

Building on new polling data from the 2018 midterms, this report shows how the Republican Party is dependent on married and family-oriented voters for success and proposes a "Family First" platform to solidify the support of these voters as well as grow the party's base for future elections.

The Case for Politics: Why Social Conservatives Must Invest Seriously in Politics

The APP Foundation team compiled spending data for hundreds of social conservative organizations involved in public policy, political activism, and election. The report illustrates how little Christian conservatives invest in politics

The Contract with American Families

A ten-step roadmap to advance pro-family policies in government and politics.

Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty

The APP Foundation’s Federalism team details in this groundbreaking book how the administrative state has grown, the mechanisms it uses to undermine individual liberty and the American constitutional order, and the steps necessary to deconstruct it.

Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012

APP's Frank Cannon, Maggie Gallagher, and Rich Danker analyze why the Republican Party lost in 2012, why the conventional wisdom of the RNC's "autopsy" report is wrong, and why combining social conservatism and a pro-worker economic message is the key to building a winning coalition.

After the Fall: Catholic Education Beyond the Common Core

This study from several Catholic education experts explains in detail why Common Core is “incompatible with and unsuited for” Catholic schools.

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