The Transgender Leviathan

This report highlights and provides background on the key individuals, institutions, and organizations behind the origins and spread of the transgender movement, so readers can inform themselves on how we arrived at this point, where it might lead next, and why. we must fight back.

Top 25 Threats to the American Family

Parents have enough to worry about between balancing their work/home relationships and their individual familial needs. With this report, we aim to provide a forum that helps parents to understand the top threats they’re up against, with information from a broad range of pro-family leaders and experts they can trust.

Big Tech vs. Democracy

Many on the Right have questioned the integrity of the 2020 election, and we now join that chorus. We believe the preponderance of evidence indicates that Big Tech companies—namely Facebook, Twitter, and Google—directly interfered in the election on behalf of the Democrats and ultimately delivered President Joe Biden his victory.

MAGA After 2020: How the GOP Can Win Again and Save America

While the widespread embrace of woke ideology by left-wing institutions, including the Democratic Party, represents a dangerous threat to the country—one which was especially on display during the 2020 campaign—it also offers a unique opportunity to Republicans if they are willing to take advantage of it.

Black Lives Matter & The BREATHE Act: A Radical Movement with a Radical Agenda

What is the "Black Lives Matter" movement and what does it stand for? This report looks to answer this question by investigating the history of the BLM organization and its leaders and analyzing its chief legislative proposal: the BREATHE Act.

Protecting Free Speech and Defending Kids: A Proposal to Amend Section 230

We believe Section 230 still has value, but requires amendment in order to achieve what should be its dual mandate: 1.) protecting children from pornography and obscenity, and 2.) creating a digital public square where the value of free speech is cherished.

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