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Trump Slams Gov. Hutchinson for Vetoing Bill on Childhood Sex Changes

April 8, 2021

Today, Donald Trump released a statement slamming Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) for his recent veto of a bill which would have banned doctors in the state from prescribing sex change treatments to children. The state legislature overrode the governor’s veto on Tuesday.

Trump has lately been more vocal in denouncing policies stemming from the left’s radical gender ideology. In his speech last month to CPAC, Trump called out Joe Biden for his executive order calling for biological males to be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

During last fall’s election campaign, American Principles Project (APP) and its affiliated super PAC spent over $5 million to inject both issues into the campaign, running ads against Joe Biden and Democrats on women’s sports and childhood sex changes. APP has also been active in pushing for legislation defending female athletes and protecting children from dangerous sex-change procedures at the federal and state levels.

In response to Trump’s release today, Jon Schweppe, APP’s director of policy and government affairs, released the following statement:

“The American people overwhelmingly oppose the practice of giving children experimental, life-altering drugs in a dubious attempt to ‘change’ their sex. And yet, for some reason, some Republicans still seem hesitant to stand up on this issue. But not Donald Trump.

“As we saw over and over during his presidency and since, Trump has incredible political instincts. He is not afraid to lead on important issues even when facing fierce attacks from elite institutions. And today, he has again shown he is willing to stand with the majority of the American people and against powerful, left-wing interests, defending biological reality and medical sanity against ideologues who would push kids into dangerous, unproven procedures.

“We are grateful for Trump’s willingness to speak out on this issue and we encourage other Republicans to follow his lead in order to protect our nation’s children.”

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