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APP Calls on NCAA to Clarify Statement on Women’s Sports

April 13, 2021

Yesterday, the NCAA released a statement which affirmed its policy of allowing biological males to compete against females provided they undergo testosterone suppression and stating that it will only hold championships in locations “free of discrimination.”

In response, Jon Schweppe, director of policy and government affairs for American Principles Project, released the following statement:

“Over the last few weeks, our nation’s biggest corporate entities have been tripping over one another in a contest to see how far left they can go. And it would seem the NCAA didn’t want to miss the party. Their statement yesterday was a perfect example of woke virtue-signaling — carefully crafted to hit all the right buzzwords (‘inclusive,’ ‘safe,’ ‘welcoming and respectful’) while concealing its real meaning.

“But here’s the truth: yesterday, the NCAA re-declared war on female athletes. They once again committed to destroying a fair playing field for women by allowing biological males to compete against them, undermining decades of progress since the passage of Title IX. There is nothing ‘welcoming’ or ‘respectful’ about it.

“The only thing that is still unclear is what the NCAA plans to do in response to the state governments which have bravely acted to defend women’s sports. While yesterday’s statement ominously threatened that the NCAA is ‘closely monitor[ing] these situations,’ it did not definitively commit to removing events. So we ask the NCAA: Do you plan to punish states for protecting women’s sports? Will you place the agenda of the woke far left above the rights of female athletes? Those athletes deserve a clear answer.

“We would also encourage leaders of states still considering legislation to protect women’s sports: Do not bow to these threats. The vast majority of American voters nationwide believe that women and girls should not be forced to compete against biological males in sports. Those voters will be watching to see whether you fight for them, or cave to pressure from woke special interests.

“Americans want leaders who will stand up for female athletes, and there will be political consequences for those leaders who do not.”

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