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Trump Releases Pro-Family Second-Term Agenda

August 24, 2020

Yesterday, the Trump campaign released a summary of the agenda which the President plans to pursue in his second term. The agenda included many important pro-family goals such as bringing back manufacturing jobs to rebuild the economy, providing school choice for parents and students, and prioritizing the teaching of American exceptionalism in schools.

In response, Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, released the following statement supporting Trump’s plan:

Since Day 1 of his presidency, Donald Trump has proven to be a fighter for American families. He’s done much to deliver his promises to ‘Make America Great Again,’ despite the many challenges he has faced and obstacles thrown in his way by Democrats.

Still, there is much work left to do in rebuilding an America which has been ravaged by progressive elites. The second-term agenda released yesterday by the President’s campaign is an excellent starting point for this effort—in particular, its emphasis on bringing back good-paying jobs to the U.S. and increasing educational choice for parents will be very welcome to working families. In addition, its call for schools to once again teach American exceptionalism is extremely important for pushing back against the leftist anti-Americanism which has overtaken our education system in recent decades.

Beyond these goals, APP also looks forward to working with President Trump in his second term to accomplish further key pro-family objectives, such as defending women’s sports and protecting children from online pornography. While the fight to support and revitalize the American family is a difficult one, we know we have a strong ally in this President, and we are excited to help his administration achieve more great things in the next four years.

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