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Trump HHS Affirms ‘Sex’ Means Biological Sex

June 12, 2020

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services announced a new rule that recognizes the prohibition of sex discrimination under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act to mean discrimination based on biological sex. The rule overturns a previous Obama-era rule which had interpreted sex to include subjective “gender identity.”

In response, Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, released the following statement praising the decision:

Today the Trump administration affirmed a basic, self-evident truth that sex is biologically determined — that men are men, and women are women.

Although this truth used to be universally acknowledged, the radical Left has lately cowed Democrats and cultural elites into denying reality and instead accepting the ridiculous assertion that maleness and femaleness have no basis in biology. This is not science — it’s pure ideology, and it should have no place in federal policy.

Thank goodness there are at least some still left in Washington brave enough to fight this insanity. HHS is absolutely correct to affirm the traditional definition of ‘sex’ in law, and APP applauds President Trump and his administration for taking this important step.

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