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Schilling in the Daily Caller: The National Emergency Is Real and Destroying Families

February 19, 2019

On Monday, Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, took to The Daily Caller to defend President Trump’s executive action on the wall:

The crisis at the border is real, and it absolutely merits Trump’s ‘national emergency’ designation…

There is plenty of room to debate the merits of the wall or other proposed policies to curb the flow of illegal migration. However, it’s hard to debate that the border crisis isn’t indeed a national emergency, especially since everyone agreed on that before Trump got involved. Republicans cited drug statistics and horrific instances of crime committed by undocumented criminals. Democrats whipped up national hysteria over the “family separation” policy. Immigration activists cited the humanitarian crisis facing migrants. Only now that the president has chosen to act are cynical partisans attempting to downplay the issue.

But addressing this crisis should be an issue that unites all Americans who care about protecting both migrant families and American families. For every Angel Mom who has had a child murdered by an undocumented criminal, there are dozens of migrant mothers who have had violence committed against them and their families but been unable to report it due to fears of deportation. Allowing illegal migration to continue unfettered hurts us all.

America has a moral responsibility to address this national emergency on our border. The president is absolutely right to act.

You can read Terry Schilling’s entire op-ed here.

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