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Colorado HB1129 Would Force Kids Into Sex Changes

February 21, 2019
APP opposes radical legislation that would ban any gender-related talk therapy for children that doesn’t result in a sex change.
Terry Schilling: “Maybe Colorado legislators should put down the joints and start thinking a bit more clearly.”


WASHINGTON – In response to the Colorado House of Representatives passing HB1129, a bill that would ban gender-related talk therapy that doesn’t result in a child seeking a sex change, American Principles Project executive director Terry Schilling released the following statement:

“The result of this bill if signed into law is that children that suffer from gender confusion will now be locked into only one option: more confusion. Colorado legislators who supported this bill claim they oppose “conversion therapy” but are just fine with permanent sex conversion surgeries that permanently mutilate children and sterilize them for life.

“Let’s be clear: the left-wing activists pushing this legislation obviously don’t care about people with gender dysphoria. If they did, they would support letting them seek the care they desire from licensed professionals who can help them match their gender identity with their biological sex. Instead, these radical activists want to take that choice away from parents and children and force them into incredibly harmful sex change procedures. This bill comes at a time when hundreds of people across the globe are having regrets about their sex changes. Maybe Colorado legislators should put down the joints and start thinking a bit more clearly.”

To schedule an interview with Terry Schilling, contact Jon Schweppe at (c) 309-749-7009 or jschweppe@americanprinciplesproject.org.

American Principles Project is a 501(c)(4) organization that works to put the family at the heart of public policy.


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