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New APP Report Details How Big Tech Swung 2020 Election to Democrats

May 5, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, American Principles Project (APP) released a new report, “Big Tech vs. Democracy,” outlining how efforts by Big Tech companies effectively handed Joe Biden and Democrats victory in the 2020 election and why this poses a severe threat to American democracy.

The report also includes a number of recommendations for Republicans to address the threats posed by these companies. You can read an executive summary of the report here.

APP’s Director of Policy and Government Affairs Jon Schweppe, a co-author of the report, also released the following statement explaining its importance:

“Although our nation is over a year removed from the 2020 election, we are just now beginning to construct a full picture of what transpired. What we’ve discovered should trouble every American: Using their immense control over the digital public square, Big Tech companies directly interfered in the election on behalf of Democrats.

“These platforms engaged in a great deal of dishonest behavior, from banning conservative political ads and deplatforming Republican pundits, to censoring information that might hurt Democrat candidates. After reviewing all the evidence in total, there can be no question that these actions had a substantial impact on the election result, in effect swinging the race to Joe Biden.

“If America’s system of representative government is to survive, we cannot cede control over such a large swath of our political discourse to a few powerful firms in Silicon Valley. It’s clear something must be done. That’s why, in our conclusion, we lay out a specific policy plan for Republicans to fully tackle this problem.

“If the GOP is truly interested in saving our democracy, they must take this threat seriously and take action to stop it as soon as they are back in power. Voters expect nothing less.”

You can read the full “Big Tech vs. Democracy” report here.

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