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Leader McCarthy Pledges House GOP Will Rein in Big Tech

January 5, 2022

Yesterday, House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy pledged that Republicans would act to address the increasing censorship of conservative voices by Big Tech platforms. He specifically called for the companies to lose Section 230 protection if they continue to remove “constitutionally protected speech (not lewd and obscene).”

In response, APP President Terry Schilling released the following statement applauding McCarthy’s announcement:

“Big Tech is out of control. In just the last few days, we have watched them de-platform a sitting member of Congress as well as a respected medical expert on vaccines for espousing opinions at odds with the left-wing ruling class. To date, these companies continue to face no consequences for their draconian, anti-American censorship.

“Leader McCarthy’s announcement yesterday that the House GOP will pursue action to hold Big Tech platforms to a First Amendment standard is a critical development. Republicans are clearly recognizing that these platforms’ abuse of their dominant influence over the digital public square represents an enormous threat to Americans’ right to free speech. Big Tech is too powerful to be left unchecked, and we are pleased that GOP leadership is pledging to make this a priority.

“APP looks forward to working with Leader McCarthy and House Republicans to reform Section 230 in a way that protects free speech online and also encourages platforms to remove pornography and other obscene material not covered by the First Amendment. Ensuring a free and open digital public square is crucial to the future of American democracy, and concerned voters will expect the GOP to follow through on their pledge should they win back the majority in Congress next year.”

In 2020, American Principles Project released a blueprint for amending Section 230: “Protecting Free Speech and Defending Kids.”

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