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Biden Admin Guts Title IX Protections for Women and Girls

April 19, 2024

Today, the Biden administration announced a new rule which interprets prohibitions against sex discrimination in Title IX to include ‘gender identity.’ The rule will take effect on August 1.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP), released the following statement blasting the change:

“When federal lawmakers enacted Title IX over four decades ago, it was with a clear purpose in mind: to protect the rights of women and girls. Today, President Biden has officially turned that on its head. Under the rule released by this administration, schools will now be forced to allow any man or boy who claims to be female into girls’ intimate spaces. Despite the obvious privacy and safety concerns, girls will now have to share bathrooms and locker rooms with biological males. They will have to share accommodations on field trips and in related circumstances. And although this rule punts the issue of sports, as we saw in this week’s ruling in West Virginia, it will also likely have the effect of compelling girls to compete against male athletes.

“This assault on the hard-won legal protections of women and girls, as well as on biological reality itself, is as reprehensible as it is insane. On no other issue is the extremism of far-left Democrats more visible. Thankfully, the American people reject this position, and we at APP are committed to ensuring voters are made fully aware of the Biden administration’s shameful sabotage of civil rights as we approach this fall’s elections.”

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