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APP Urges Senate to Reject Biden FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn

November 30, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, American Principles Project (APP) announced its opposition to the nomination of Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Sohn was picked by President Joe Biden to join the commission last month.

APP Director of Policy and Government Affairs Jon Schweppe released the following statement urging the Senate to reject Sohn:

“Gigi Sohn is one of the most infamous woke activists in Washington calling for mass censorship of conservative viewpoints. And unlike some of her less imaginative peers, Sohn has bigger ambitions than simply weaponizing Big Tech platforms against Republicans — she has her sights trained on the entire media landscape. That makes her incredibly dangerous.

“If confirmed as an FCC commissioner, Gigi Sohn will oppose free speech — or at least the free speech she personally disagrees with — at every turn. Her anti-First Amendment record is alarmingly consistent. Sohn co-founded Public Knowledge, an organization that has called for cable companies to drop conservative news outlets. She has personally advocated for Congress to look at the spread of so-called ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ on Fox News and has demanded the FCC investigate whether Sinclair Broadcasting Group is ‘qualified to be a broadcast licensee at all.’ She has also endorsed the idea of the FCC invoking an arcane ‘broadcast hoax’ rule to ban COVID-19 ‘disinformation’ on the airwaves, which would have likely stymied important reporting on the lab leak theory that has now gained significant traction.

“Censorship is not an American principle, but censorship is what Gigi Sohn wants to impose on a massive scale. This is an affront to our Constitution and a very real threat to the future of our democracy. Any senator who truly values the preservation of our free society should strongly oppose Sohn’s confirmation.”

To schedule an interview with a policy expert at American Principles Project, contact Paul Dupont at (o) 202-503-2010 or pdupont@americanprinciplesproject.org.


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