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APP Applauds New Pro-Family Effort by Republican Study Committee

June 2, 2022

Today, the Republican Study Committee announced the launch of its Family Principles Initiative, a new effort to build a pro-family platform for the House GOP. The initiative has ten pillars, addressing issues such as economic barriers to family formation, threats to parental rights, and the imposition of left-wing ideologies in school.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP) released the following statement endorsing the project:

“The family is the most important institution in American society. It also happens to be a key constituency within the Republican Party. For years, APP has been urging the GOP to make pro-family policies a centerpiece of its platform, especially given the many attacks that families now face from the woke Left. We are excited to see Rep. Jim Banks and the RSC heeding this call.

“This Family Principles Initiative is an excellent step to show that the GOP takes the concerns of families seriously. It is also well-timed — as Republicans prepare to potentially take back power in Congress next year, it will be important for them to have a practical plan of action for governing. Rep. Banks and his fellow RSC members are exemplifying strong leadership in this endeavor, and we look forward to working with them to ensure rebuilding the American family is a top priority for legislators moving forward.”

To schedule an engagement with American Principles Project, contact Paul Dupont at (o) 202-503-2010 or pdupont@americanprinciplesproject.org.


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