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APP Responds to Georgia Senate Election Results

January 6, 2021

In the aftermath of yesterday’s Senate elections in Georgia, Democrats appear on the cusp of moving back into full control in Washington. With attention now turning ahead, American Principles Project (APP) has announced it will be releasing a report in the coming weeks analyzing the results of the 2020 elections and recommending a path forward for the Republican Party. APP previously released a post-election report following the GOP’s loss in 2012 — “Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012” — which anticipated and helped encourage the party’s populist turn four years later.

APP also plans to spearhead a grassroots campaign opposing anti-family elements of the Democrat agenda and amplify these issues in the 2022 midterms, with the help of its 250,000 and growing army of pro-family activists nationwide.

Expanding on these plans, APP’s executive director Terry Schilling released the following statement:

While the 2020 elections may be over, the fight over the future of this country is just beginning. With Democrats now possibly taking control of both Congress and the White House, their disastrous, anti-family, anti-American agenda is closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Conservatives cannot become discouraged. We must work harder than ever to fight back against this agenda and make Americans aware of the dangerous threats it poses — threats to the hard-earned rights of women, to the public safety of our communities, to the education of our children, and the future of the American family.

Some in the establishment would have us abandon these fights and return the Republican Party to its status quo before Donald Trump, prioritizing economic benefits for “job creators.” This would be a terrible mistake. The GOP under Trump has developed into a vibrant coalition of hard-working, family-oriented Americans which gave the President more votes in 2020 than any other Republican presidential candidate in history. The successes of the past four years cannot simply be ignored or written off.

To win in coming elections, the GOP cannot look backward to previous eras; it must continue to build on the progress made by President Trump. APP looks forward to playing an important role in these efforts.

To schedule an interview with Terry Schilling, contact Paul Dupont at (o) 202-503-2010 or pdupont@americanprinciplesproject.org.


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