APP Education

NGA Backs Away from “Radioactive” Common Core

Breitbart details how the National Governor's Association, which originally helped develop the Common Core State Standards, is now backing away from them as parents and teachers turn against the controversial standards. Emmett McGroarty, education … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

National Journal: Obama’s Immigration Conflagration

Alfonso Aguilar on why Republicans shouldn't take the bait in the latest immigration confrontation. The president can't provide them citizenship without action by Congress. But using the same theory of "deferred action" that he employed in 2012 for … [Read More...]

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NRO: GOP Should Address Falling Value of Wages

By Maggie Gallagher in the National Review Online.  Read the full article here. I was in the Eisenhower Lounge of the National Republican Club, where the executive directors of the RNC, the NSRC, the NRCC, the RGA, and the RSLC called a press … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

EWTN Covers March for Marriage, Fortnight for Freedom

"We as Christians speak up about this, because if we don't we hand this off to our grandchildren and they're not going to be able to speak up about it," said APP's Executive Director Terry Schilling. Watch the full interview below (starts at … [Read More...]

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