U.S. Department of Education Data System Riddled With Vulnerabilities For Students

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) has been pushing, bribing, and otherwise “incentivizing” states to expand their student data systems to track students from preschool through the workforce. Using this data, USED claims, can transform education … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Latino Republicans Plan Pre-Debate Summit on GOP Candidates

Sickened by GOP presidential hopefuls' anti-immigrant rhetoric and hawkish immigration promises, Latino conservatives have a warning for their party's presidential contenders: Chill out, or lose our vote. The Republican field seems to cook up new … [Read More...]

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Phalanx of House Chairmen Confront Fed Chair Janet Yellen

On Thursday, Nov. 19, the Paul Ryan House took its most impressive step yet in advancing Speaker Ryan’s (R-Wis.) promised transformation of our political culture.  Ryan, in accepting the gavel, declared, “Here’s the problem. They’re working hard. … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Alfonso Aguilar on Biden Announcement, Crises Pregnancy Centers, Clinton Testimony (Video)

Latino Partnership Director Alfonso Aguilar went on Melissa Harris-Perry to debate several issues including the need for pregnancy centers, Clinton's congressional testimony, Joe Biden's announcment, and Paul Ryan.  You can watch the segments … [Read More...]

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