APP Education

Daily Caller: How Stupid do People think Parents Are?

The Daily Caller covered the states re-branding Common Core under other names: A grassroots backlash is brewing in Indiana, the first state to officially withdraw from Common Core, because parents feel those drafting the new standards aren’t … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

APP/MRC Event Media Round-Up

We wanted to highlight some of the media coverage that the launch of MRC Latino, an event we co-sponsored with Media Research Council, has received: NBC News: Conservatives See Left Tilt in Spanish-language Media ABC News Radio: Sen. Rand Paul … [Read More...]

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RNC Calls on Congress to Bring Centennial Monetary Commission Legislation to a Prompt Vote

Washington, D.C. – The Republican National Committee, voted unanimously today to adopt a resolution calling on Congress to bring forward a vote on the the Centennial Monetary Commission legislation. The resolution states, “The United States … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

The Blaze: Growing Government a Threat to Religion

The Blaze covered a piece by Reason's David Harsanyi on Rand Paul's speech at the APP 2014 Gala, and made some interesting points about the relationship between libertarianism and religious liberty: A leading libertarian media outlet is making the … [Read More...]

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