APP Education

Push for Common Core Part of Larger Effort to Gather Student Data – Jane Robbins

With the call for increasing technology in classrooms rising to an undeniable height, many have asked, “Where are we going from here?” Attorney and senior fellow with the American Principles Project, Jane Robbins, answered that question from a … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Alfonso Aguilar on What Colorado Race Means for Immigration Reform

Both parties have different hurdles to clear in order to win Latinos' votes. For Democrats, it will mean reassuring a frustrated Latino community that has been let down repeatedly during the Obama years. Republicans, for their part, need to convince … [Read More...]

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Gold Standard Insures the Dollar has More Buying Power – Steve Lonegan, Star-Ledger

Gov. Jim Florio’s “A Proposed Return to the Gold Standard is Cause for Concern” contains a certain irony: Mr. Florio's embrace of the most important decision made about our money in our lifetime made by President Richard Nixon, who left office under … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Christian Post: Panel Finds Religious Freedom Can Unite Libertarians and Social Conservatives

WASHINGTON — With conservative Christians and libertarians sharing common ideologies that stand against big government and federal overreaching, the two groups' need to put aside their few differences and unite in order to defeat a Democratic agenda … [Read More...]

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