APP Education

Alexander, Murray Bill Tightens the Screws of Mandated Assessments

Parents across the nation are in open revolt against the testing mania that has seized public schools under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Common Core national standards. In some states, thousands of students — 200,000 in New York alone — are … [Read More...]

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Latino Partnership

Why GOP Must Not Be ‘Party of No’ on Immigration – Alfonso Aguilar in Politico

I’m a conservative, and I support immigration. Those are two statements that you don’t hear together nearly often enough. I have seen the positive impact of immigration in my own life. My parents are both naturalized Americans. My mother is … [Read More...]

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George Gilder’s Powerful Answer to “Why Gold? Why Now?” on McAlvany Weekly Commentary Podcast

Washington, DC– George Gilder, author of the 1981 international bestseller Wealth and Poverty and the 2013 book Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism, appeared on the McAlvany Weekly Commentary Podcast last week to talk about his … [Read More...]

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Social Issues

Sean Fieler on EWTN

Sean Fieler discussed his new article on what conservatives can learn from the success of the transgender movement.  Watch the segment below. … [Read More...]

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