Gilder: Trump Can Succeed on Trade by Ending Global Currency Manipulation

Via The Federalist: Folks, we have a consensus here. Formidable thinkers such as Paul Krugman, Larry Summers, and David Stockman, some 370 economists including 19 Nobel Laureates, and editors at the Economist, Fortune, and Barron’s all believe … [Read More...]

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Opinion: Gwinnett parents and all parents ought to be wary of digital push

Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Among the many challenges facing modern parents are the relentless lure of electronic media (computers, iPads, Chromebooks, video games) and the constant barrage of commercial advertising directed at children. … [Read More...]

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APP's Federalism program is focused on recommitting America to the Constitution and the principles of government enumerated therein, in order to protect the rights of the people and to ensure that government is citizen-directed. This mission responds to America’s elitist-driven abandonment of the principles and mechanisms of self-government outlined in its founding documents.

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Life, Marriage and Liberty

Poll: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s Approval Rating Less Than 35 Percent as He Seeks to Redefine ‘Sex’

Via Breitbart: By Dr. Susan Berry A new poll shows that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) has an approval rating of less than 35 percent going into a re-election bid in 2018. Among a random sample of 1,031 likely voters, only 34.86 percent said … [Read More...]

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