Fighting for the Family

June 27, 2020

Following the 2016 election, APP turned its focus toward defending the most important institution upholding human dignity in society: the family. After having battled in the public policy arena for almost a decade, APP’s leaders realized that a major obstacle holding back the pro-family movement was a lack of political engagement. While other conservative causes (for example, the pro-life and pro-Second Amendment movements) have achieved significant policy successes thanks to their robust involvement in electoral politics, no pro-family groups were dedicated to building such an operation. This is the gap that APP now seeks to fill — engaging directly in campaigns and elections to prove that pro-family issues are winning issues and to hold candidates accountable for their words and actions on these issues.

Since its founding in 2009, APP has achieved much and has plans to accomplish much more. Our story has just begun — and we hope you can join us for the next chapter.


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