Do Joe Biden and Sen. Gary Peters support the Black Lives Matter organization?

November 12, 2020

Yes. Joe Biden has repeatedly voiced support for the protests and riots, calling them a “wake up call” for America, and even kneeling in solidarity with the movement’s goals. Sen. Gary Peters has done the same and recently joined the demonstrators on the streets in Detroit. Biden also runs a pro-BLM ad saying, “We have to continue the activism. We have to continue protesting.

Biden’s choice for VP, Kamala Harris, has gone so far as to lionize the group’s cofounder Alicia Garza. Garza publicly pressured the Biden campaign to choose “[a] Black woman in particular and not just a woman of color,” as his running mate. The Biden campaign appears to have followed her advice by picking Harris, who has also publicly praised the BLM organization on numerous occasions.


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