Do Joe Biden and Sen. Gary Peters really support boys competing in women’s sports?

November 12, 2020

Yes, unequivocally. Joe Biden has pledged to work to pass, and Gary Peters has co-sponsored, the Equality Act, which would create a special nondiscrimination protection for “gender identity” in existing civil rights law. Gender identity — a trait that is entirely subjective — would thus take precedence over biological sex in the law, allowing anyone access to sex-segregated facilities and activities based on one’s own self-identified gender. This would include women’s sports. Title IX protects the opportunities of women to compete against other women for scholarships, educational opportunities, and in athletic competition, but it makes this distinction based on biological sex. The Equality Act would functionally replace “sex” with “gender identity” in Title IX, thus making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of “gender identity,” even though the law itself was designed to create opportunities specifically for biological women. This would set the stage for any biological male who claims to identify as a female the ability to compete in sports intended for female competition.


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