The Big Family Pledge

Families are under relentless attack by woke left-wing activists who seek to undermine parents. These radicals believe that the government — not parents — should have the final say over the upbringing of our children. This ideology is outrageous and should be rejected emphatically.

Our leaders must defend families at all costs. As an act of good faith to my fellow citizens, I commit to the following pledge to American families. 

I pledge to do all in my power to actively support legislation, litigation, and other efforts that would:

  1. Defend girls’ sports by prohibiting biological males from participating, including at the collegiate level;
  2. Protect children from experimental “gender transition” procedures, including irreversible surgeries, chemical castration, and psychiatric neglect;
  3. Let kids be kids and protect them from dangerous and divisive propaganda being taught in schools, such as critical race theory and gender ideology;
  4. Safeguard children from exposure to pornography, obscenity, and indecency.
  5. Protect life from conception to natural death.

(Download a PDF copy of the pledge here.)


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