Tell President Biden: Stop the Attack on Christian Colleges and Students

As students flee progressive four-year colleges and universities, the Biden administration has intensified its all-out attack on Christian and career colleges.

Late last year Biden’s Department of Education issued a record $37.7 million fine against Grand Canyon University, the nation’s largest Christian college. Only months later it doubled down on its myopic witch hunt, leveling a separate, equally unprecedented $14 million fine against Liberty University, one of the country’s most prominent Christian universities.

This scrutinize-and-penalize campaign against faith-based institutions is not about students’ interests or well-being. It’s part of a concerted effort to snuff out educational choice and pigeon-hole students into schools that promulgate the far left’s “woke,” anti-traditional values agenda. The Biden administration hopes to shutter Christian and career colleges, which better align with students’ beliefs, offer flexible programming, and have kept tuition low.

President Biden has sought to repeal religious protections on campuses, publicly smear good-standing faith-affiliated schools, and, now, punish into submission those that do not conform to its progressive ideology.

Thankfully, a handful of Congressional Republicans have demanded the Department of Education drop its politically motivated attacks on Christian schools. However, these attacks won’t stop unless more elected officials speak up and demand accountability!

For more information:

Read Congressman Eli Crane’s (R-AZ) letter to the Department of Education, here.

Read Jon Schweppe’s op-ed in the Daily Caller, here.

Read the Wall Street Journal’s editorial, here.

Read Fox News’ coverage, here.

It’s time to take a stand. Tell the Biden Administration to keep its hands off Christian and career colleges and let students choose the schools that fit their values.


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