Sign the Pledge: Protect Our Daughters!

Our daughters are under attack.

Since President Biden took office, women and girls have been told they’re now second place to anyone who believes they were born in the wrong body. They’re allowing men to access girls’ sports, restrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces.


The most recent case comes from Illinois. A sixteen-year-old swimmer was removed from her YMCA swim team. Why? Because she was uncomfortable with seeing men changing in her locker room, and she took a stand to let the YMCA’s administration know that this was wrong.

Despite what her coach and a YMCA administrator say, when a minor tells you that they’re uncomfortable seeing someone of the opposite sex undress, it isn’t transphobic. It’s real, and it should be handled immediately. We must hold these enablers accountable.

What the YMCA is allowing to happen is what President Biden’s Equality Act seeks to do nationwide in all federally funded institutions. APP has been fighting the battle for years to protect girls and women, not just in sport but in all private areas. We need you to join us!

It’s time to take a stand. Let these athletes know they’re not alone, girls and women should feel safe in private spaces.

Sign the petition today, and let’s protect America’s daughters!


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