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YouTube Suspends APP Channel Without Warning or Explanation

October 12, 2021

WASHINGTON — On Monday morning, American Principles Project (APP) was notified that its eight-year-old organizational YouTube channel had been permanently suspended. No warning was given prior to the suspension, and YouTube provided no specific explanation as to why the suspension was occurring.

APP President Terry Schilling released the following statement responding to the move:

“At 6:30am on Monday, American Principles Project received an email from Google notifying us that our YouTube page had been shut down. No explanation was provided outside the vague assertion that we had committed ‘severe or repeated violations’ of YouTube’s community guidelines. We had never received so much as a warning in the past.

“APP is the premier political organization in America engaging directly in campaigns and elections on behalf of families. Last year, we spent $6 million to educate voters on issues of importance to families, and just this past week, our PAC announced an ad campaign in the Virginia gubernatorial race.

“So why was our YouTube channel banned? Is it because we believe Big Pharma and the medical community are exploiting transgender people—and especially children—for profit? Is it because we oppose critical race theory in schools? Perhaps it’s simpler than that. Perhaps it’s really because we support Big Tech reform and have stridently opposed Google’s previous efforts to censor conservative speech.

“Regardless of the real reason, given Google’s obvious political motive to blackball APP from the digital public square, this is unacceptable. In addition to appealing the decision, APP will be considering and pursuing all legal options available to us.”

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