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Terry Schilling: Carlson and Warren Get It Right on Family and Economics

January 10, 2019

From APP executive director Terry Schilling’s op-ed in The Daily Caller:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson generated some early 2019 media buzz with his first daily monologue of the year, castigating the elites of both political parties for their failures to recognize and react to the biggest crisis facing America today: the collapse of marriage and the family. “Our leaders don’t care. They don’t even bother to understand our problems,” he said.

However, he added an important caveat. One well-known political leader has expressed concern on this issue, though she’s one who might surprise conservatives: the stalwart liberal Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

In particular, Carlson drew attention to a largely unheralded book written by Warren in 2003, The Two-Income Trap. In it, Warren argued that the normalization of two-income households in recent decades has been a terrible development for both families and women by increasing families’ financial instability and, by economic necessity, stripping women of their choice between working or caring for their children. Echoing the concerns of many conservatives today, Warren bemoaned how current economic circumstances have combined to undermine the family in important ways, ultimately leading to higher rates of domestic abuse, divorce, and broken homes.


Read the full op-ed here.


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