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Joe Biden Announces Support for Sexualizing Children, Disempowering Parents

February 9, 2022

President Joe Biden and his White House announced on Twitter yesterday their opposition to a Florida bill that would require schools to give parents access to records regarding their children’s health and well-being and prohibit schools from teaching students about sexual orientation and gender identity in an age-inappropriate manner. Biden called the legislation “hateful.”

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP), released the following statement blasting the president’s position:

“This is a shameful misinformation campaign by Joe Biden and Democrats. They claim that Florida lawmakers are ‘attacking’ children, but the truth is the exact opposite. There is nothing ‘hateful’ about this legislation.

“Let’s consider the facts: this bill would secure parental rights by ensuring schools cannot hide information about their children’s health. It requires that schools make all records related to students’ health and well-being available to their parents. And it also pushes back against the sexualization of children by banning age-inappropriate sex lessons. In short, it both empowers parents and protects children.

“What about these particular provisions does President Biden disagree with? Does he believe parents don’t have a right to know what their children are going through in school, or that children should be receiving highly explicit sex lessons from complete strangers? A media industry doing its job would ask him these questions.

“But really, we already know the answers. Based on the actions of his administration to date, it is clear Joe Biden believes parents who care about shielding their kids from sexualization and leftist indoctrination are no better than domestic terrorists. Unfortunately for him, he has picked a battle with the wrong Americans, and upset parents are about to hand his party a massive rebuke this fall.”

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