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Conservative Leaders Urge Sen. Collins to Oppose Jackson’s Confirmation to SCOTUS

March 24, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, a coalition of 13 conservative leaders, led by American Principles Project (APP), sent a letter to Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) urging her to vote against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The letter detailed a number of concerning elements of Judge Jackson’s record and asked Sen. Collins to consider these elements when making a decision:

“All of us were impressed and grateful for your rigorous review of then-Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial record, and the ridiculous allegations leveled against him. We ask you to review Judge Jackson’s record as thoroughly. We believe that if you review her record, you will come to the same conclusion as us: Judge Jackson should not be on the Supreme Court. We urge you to reject her nomination, as her views on crime and terrorism are deeply disturbing, and outside of the mainstream of judicial philosophy and legal guidelines.”

You can read the full letter here.

APP President Terry Schilling, one of letter’s signers, also released the following statement:

“In recent weeks, and especially over the last few days of hearings, numerous troubling details have emerged regarding Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. We have heard more about her defense of anti-American terrorists, work that seems to have revealed a sympathy for their views. We’ve discovered much about her overly lenient sentencing of child pornographers and other terrible criminals. And unbelievably, we’ve even learned she cannot define what a woman is.

“These revelations, and many others, point toward a truth we long suspected: Judge Jackson is a far-left ideologue posing as a mainstream jurist. Her extreme views are out of step with the majority of Americans and would have a drastic effect should she be confirmed to the Court. Unfortunately, we believe this is precisely why President Biden nominated her.

“Given Senator Collins’ long history as a reasonable and moderate legislator, we suspect that a careful review of Judge Jackson’s record will lead her to see the same problems that we do. Republicans, at the very least, must be united in their opposition to their politicization of the Supreme Court, and we hope Sen. Collins will ultimately join with her GOP colleagues in voting against this dangerous nominee.”

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