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APP Slams Biden’s New Plan: “A Big Government Takeover of the Family”

April 28, 2021

Today, ahead of his speech to Congress, President Joe Biden released a detailed summary of his “American Families Plan,” a $1.8 trillion new spending proposal which would include a dramatic expansion of the public education system.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project, released the following statement:

“The American family is in crisis. On this, just about everyone in Washington agrees. But instead of helping to strengthen the family, Joe Biden and Democrats are pushing for a radical alternative: a big government takeover of the family. This is what Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ truly represents.

“For example, the proposal calls for $200 billion for two years of free, universal preschool. Consider what this means: instead of giving this money to parents to help them address the educational needs of their children as they see best, this plan would push kids into our failing public school system two years earlier, while no doubt indoctrinating them into the latest leftist ideological fashions (‘Change your gender!’ ‘America is racist!’) at even younger ages.

“Unsurprisingly, this plan also wants to extend that education two years later, promising $109 billion for two years of free community college. This will not help students struggling through our ever worsening K-12 system, nor will it help families who have to deal with that system’s failures. And not a word is dedicated to trade or vocational education which is so important to working-class Americans. But it will be a boon for the education establishment which has become a key Democrat constituency.

“America’s families need real relief and support to help parents better provide for their children, not an expansion of government to further erode the role of parents and put bureaucrats in control. Any political leader who is truly pro-family should strongly oppose this plan.”

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