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APP Launches “A Month for the Family” Campaign

April 2, 2020

Since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic a few weeks ago, American society has been radically upended. Nearly everyone has been impacted by “social distancing” measures, from the closings of schools, churches, restaurants, and other public places to work-from-home mandates and bans on large gatherings. The sheer magnitude of this crisis and its effects on us all are unprecedented in our lifetimes.

And yet, amid this new illness and economic hardship, Americans are increasingly finding help and encouragement from a traditional source: the family.  Indeed, throughout history, the family has always served as the first line of support in times of great difficulty. Without strong families, our situation would no doubt be much graver than it is now.

For over a decade, APP has been working in public policy and politics to promote and strengthen the American family. But in this current crisis, with most parents and children home from work and school, we believe this is a unique opportunity for families to grow closer together. That’s why this April, we are launching a new campaign, “A Month for the Family.” During the next 30 days, we will be communicating regularly with you, our supporters, to share ideas for how you can use this time to strengthen your family. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our email newsletter, and keep your eye out for updates in the coming days.

In these incredibly challenging times, it is important that we not fall into despair, but rather look for signs of hope in the midst of uncertainty. Our hope at APP is that this pandemic will spur on a revival of the American family, and we will be continuing to push forward in our pro-family mission during the weeks ahead. We invite you to join us in this Month for the Family!


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