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U.S. House Passes Bill to Protect Women’s Sports in Historic Vote

April 20, 2023

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 734, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, by a 219-203 vote. The legislation would prohibit educational institutions receiving federal funding from allowing biological males to compete in female athletics.

The movement to defend the integrity of women’s sports has picked up substantial momentum in recent months, as 21 states have now enacted similar laws. American Principles Project (APP) has long been a proponent of protecting female athletes and has been active in advocating for these laws at the national and state levels going back to 2019.

APP President Terry Schilling released the following statement cheering the House bill’s passage:

“This is a tremendous victory for biological reality in Washington. Over the last decade, the woke left has been working overtime to impose their radical gender ideology on the rest of the country. Women and girls have been especially harmed as a result, losing the privacy and safety of female-only spaces as well as the athletic opportunities promised to them following the passage of Title IX. This is a travesty that must be rectified.

“Thankfully, today House Republicans have made an emphatic statement that they stand with the women and girls who have been and continue to be harmed by gender ideology. It is also notable that not a single House Democrat voted for the bill. There could be no clearer contrast between the two parties, and we can promise Democrats that they will be forced to answer for their extreme stance when voters go to the polls next year.

“APP applauds Republicans, and particularly lead sponsor Rep. Greg Steube as well as Rep. Jim Banks, organizer of the discharge petition for the bill last year, for making this issue a priority this Congress. And we urge all leaders who care about upholding biological reality to keep working until we finally succeed in protecting female athletes nationwide.”

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