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APP Testifies for Texas Anti-Pornography Legislation

April 13, 2023

Support has been building in recent weeks for Texas legislation which aims to protect children from obscene content online. American Principles Project (APP) has been active in advocating for passage of these bills, which would add Texas to a growing number of states taking action on this issue.

Last week, APP Policy Director Jon Schweppe testified to the Senate Committee on State Affairs in favor of SB 2021, which would mandate that online porn sites implement age verification to prevent access by minors. APP President Terry Schilling also testified in favor of the House version of this bill, HB 3570, on Monday.

On Wednesday, Schweppe testified to the House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence in favor of HB 3357, which would extend civil liability to those who engage or promote “obscene behavior,” including online platforms that allow minors to access obscene content.

As Schweppe explained in his earlier testimony:

“Almost everyone here should be able to agree that we don’t want kids accessing online porn, just like we don’t want kids smoking, drinking, or gambling…. But frankly, protecting kids from porn is more important than protecting them from cigarettes, beer, and gambling. The need for this legislation is obvious – according to one study, the average age of first exposure to online pornography is now just twelve years old. Meanwhile, numerous studies have linked porn use to mental health issues, relationship issues, and sexually abusive behavior.


“Texas families need this bill to pass. It’s common sense. It should be bipartisan. Parents can’t shoulder this responsibility all by themselves – devices are everywhere, the Internet is everywhere.”

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