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APP Slams Nevada Gov. Lombardo for Surrendering to Transgender Industry

June 14, 2023

Earlier this week, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo signed SB 163, which will force health insurers in the state to cover sex change procedures such as cross-sex hormones and surgeries, including potentially for children. In May, Lombardo also signed SB 153, which could force women’s prisons in the state to house male criminals.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP), released the following statement blasting Lombardo’s actions:

“Nationwide, the transgender industry is in retreat, and for good reason. A growing majority of Americans are recognizing the horrific damage being caused by gender ideology — women and girls losing their private spaces and athletics opportunities, children being sterilized and mutilated by a profit-driven medical craze, and young kids being sexualized in schools. Thankfully, leaders in many states have taken strong actions to combat these trends.

“However, in Nevada, Gov. Lombardo is doing the opposite, surrendering to extremist ideologues. The legislation he has signed will make it easier for the transgender industry to commit medical malpractice on children as well as potentially put female prisoners in danger. This is abhorrent and unacceptable.

“APP played a significant role in Gov. Lombardo’s election last year. But unless he rectifies this mistake, we will not be supporting him again. Nevada families deserve a leader who will fight for their best interests. If Gov. Lombardo continues to betray those interests, then we will make sure Nevada voters recognize whom their governor is really beholden to.”

APP’s affiliated super PAC spent over $800,000 in Nevada in 2022. A post-election analysis showed the campaign’s ads netted over 30,000 votes for Republicans, more than accounting for Governor Lombardo’s margin of victory in his race.

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