Defending the Family In Texas

To organize Texas families in politics to make The Family the most important special interest group in Texas and to fight the enemies of the American way of life.

Our Vision

We envision reforming Texas politics to be fearless in defending the interests of families and children. We seek to create an environment where parents are prioritized, children’s innocence is protected, and the family is defended passionately and effectively against woke corporations and progressives. We will work to ensure these values are once again preeminent in Texas government and that state lawmakers are constantly reminded of whom they ultimately represent: Texas families.

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We’re organizing parents to make it easier to get married, have babies, and raise and protect our kids. Elections are important. They determine the future of our country.

If you care about the American family, join the only group in Washington, DC fighting for the American family in politics—with over 300,000 members and activists, we are the largest political movement for the family.

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