Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty

The APP Foundation’s Federalism team details in this groundbreaking book how the administrative state has grown, the mechanisms it uses to undermine individual liberty and the American constitutional order, and the steps necessary to deconstruct it.

The great American experiment is in peril. Government grows, freedom shrinks. Citizens get shunted aside, their concerns ignored.

A Blueprint for Victory

This book discusses a battle of ideologues that has lasted over a century and continues today, pitting those who defend the American Experiment and the constitutional structure against those who seek to replace that structure with one that empowers them to implement their ideas with little or no popular input. However, this state of affairs is kindling the passions of the constitutional structure’s greatest “check” on government excess – the American people. This is a fight that can be won.


Emmett McGroarty,
Senior Fellow—APP Foundation
Jane Robbins,
Senior Fellow—APP Foundation
Erin Tuttle,
Policy Analyst—APP Foundation

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How Washington Became a Swamp

Progressives want governance by experts – bureaucrats with administrative power to make political judgments on how people must live, thereby narrowing the realm of their liberty. They expand the administrative state and create an identity of interest with Big Business. Both groups want an ever- expanding government: one motivated by power, the other by money.

This book details how the administrative state has grown, the mechanisms it uses to undermine individual liberty, and the steps necessary to deconstruct it.

“McGroarty, Robbins, and Tuttle change the debate over the administrative state by shifting our angle of vision… [They] draw on their background to highlight the frustrating and sometimes ugly day-to-day politics of the administrative state, examining the state and local levels, as well as the federal. They also throw light on Republicans’ internal divisions over the administrative state. So after a quick survey of “Deconstructing the Administrative State,” we can return to the big political issues with new eyes.”

Stanley Kurtz, National Review

“[McGroarty, Robbins, and Tuttle] end the book with recommendations every lawmaker should read, about rolling back the administrative state… It’s a long list and an uphill battle, but the actions outlined in this book are necessary to restore the type of government our brilliant founders envisioned.”

Lennie Jarratt, The Heartland Institute

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