American Principles Project is the premier national organization engaging directly in campaigns and advocacy on behalf of the family.

Anthony LaBruna

December 18, 2023
Anthony LaBruna is the Executive Director at the American Principles Project. Prior to joining APP, he worked at the White House during the Trump Administration as the…

Alfonso Aguilar

December 15, 2023
Alfonso Aguilar is one of the top conservative Hispanic leaders in the country.  As Director of Hispanic Engagement at American Principles Project, he works to garner an…

Joe Proenza

July 28, 2022
Joe Proenza serves as the political director for American Principles Project, where he works to identify and support pro-family politicians across the country. Joe is a Georgia…

Chris Madden

February 5, 2021
Chris Madden serves as the Director of Development for the American Principles Project. In this role, he assists in planning and implementing fundraising efforts to support the…

Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg

April 3, 2020
Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg is a senior fellow at American Principles Project and has been a school teacher for 30 years. He currently teaches logic and the humanities…

Sandra Kirby

August 9, 2018
Sandra Kirby is the director of government affairs for American Principles Project. She started at APP as an intern in December 2018 and has been working with…

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