Vote Recommendation - S. 2346 / H.R. 3179

Stop CRT Act

This bill prohibits federal agencies and contractors from advancing specified policies or training related to race or sex. It further prohibits the allocation of federal funds to an elementary school, secondary school, or institution of higher education that compels teachers or students to affirm certain race-based theories.
S. 2346 / H.R. 3179
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC)

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund left-wing racism.

As public and private institutions across the country, including taxpayer-funded institutions like K-12 schools and institutions of higher education, embrace Critical Race Theory (CRT), an anti-American ideology of racism and hatred, it has become clear: Congress must act to defund this noxious propaganda and protect our nation’s children by passing the Stop CRT Act.

Proponents of Critical Race Theory reject the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr., and instead adhere to the cynical belief that the color of one’s skin determines one’s character, full stop, and that one’s proper behavior as they mature in life is determined by their responses to these preset racial archetypes. So-called “oppressors” must offer reparations for crimes they never committed, and the “oppressed” must constantly expect and demand such restitution for crimes that never victimized them. Under this belief system, the United States is branded an inherently racist institution that must be fundamentally changed. In one fell swoop, CRT teaches children to hate their nation, to see their peers primarily as social creditors or debtors instead of as friends, and to determine their futures by false metrics of fabricated remorse and entitlement.

We believe the Stop CRT Act is so essential that a version of it should be attached to every appropriations bill – to prevent any government spending on CRT and other racist, hateful left-wing efforts designed to divide American citizens by race.

We need the Stop CRT Act to protect kids.

  • School children are already being exposed to this left-wing doctrine, confusing them and causing deep mental anguish and harm.
  • In California, the mandatory “ethnic studies” course requires students to create their own “intersectionality rainbows” that “rank their various identities.” Those identities include: gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, beliefs, nationality, ability, age, etc…
    • In New York, a school distributed a chart outlining the “8 White Identities” ranging from White Supremacist to White Abolitionist.
  • Another New York school uses a curricula built around the 1619 Project, teaching children that America was founded in 1619, when the first slave ships arrived, rather than in 1776. This curricula is being implemented in primary schools across the country.
  • In Georgia, Columbus Day was replaced with “Fall Day,” and to celebrate, children were given a racial doll “test” to explain to them their implicit biases – without their parents’ knowledge.
  • In Pennsylvania, the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District in Chester County hired the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) to consult and reshape their curriculum. The result, only recently released by America First Legal, was a CRT-centric vision of teacher training and curricula.
  • In Florida, the state was forced to reject more than 50 math textbooks due to the inclusion of radical CRT themes in various lessons. CRT is being promoted in every avenue of education, even in STEM subjects.

We must root CRT out of the federal government.

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden went beyond rescinding former President Donald Trump’s ban on “diversity” training and ordered agencies to root out systemic racism within their programs, but promised the Domestic Policy Council would “coordinate efforts to embed equity principles, policies, and approaches across the Federal Government.” These are not means of producing genuine equality and harmony within the nation, but ensuring a radical, numerical enforcement of perceived “fairness” without regard to work ethic, talent, and overall character. The Stop CRT Act would counter many of these racist “equity” initiatives.


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