Tell the Media: Don’t Give Dems a Pass on Abortion

To the Establishment Media:

In 2012, at the height of the so-called ‘Republican War on Women’, Democrats across the country accused Republicans of holding ‘extreme’ views on abortion. Journalists dutifully covered the issue and made Republicans candidates explain what exactly they meant by ‘pro-life.’

In 2019, we have already seen the state of New York pass legislation, and other states consider similar legislation, which would allow for abortion up until the very moment of birth. This is an extreme position that is out of step with the views of the American people, many of whom feel strongly about this issue. And yet the national news media has so far declined to force Democrats, such as presidential hopefuls Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, to address this position.

The American experiment works best when a strong, independent free press consistently holds our leaders accountable. It’s time our news media fully lived up to this standard.

ENOUGH! Stop giving Democrats a pass on abortion, and do your jobs!


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