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Wyoming Becomes 19th State to Protect Girls’ Sports

March 20, 2023

This weekend, Wyoming’s SEA 92 became law, banning biological males from participating in girls’ sports in the state’s schools from grades 7-12. The legislation was enacted without the signature of Gov. Mark Gordon.

Wyoming is now the 19th state to pass legislation protecting a fair playing field for female athletes.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP), released the following statement applauding the law:

“Men cannot become women, period. However they identify, males will still retain the athletic advantages that come with their biological sex. It’s not at all ‘draconian’ or ‘discriminatory’ to limit girls’ athletics to girls; in fact, it’s simple commonsense that polling shows most Americans agree with. It’s unfortunate some of our leaders have been duped into believing such a policy is somehow controversial.

“We applaud Wyoming legislators for taking this step to preserve fairness and integrity in girls’ sports, and we look forward to seeing even more states—and eventually Congress—enact these important protections as well.”

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