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Jon Schweppe: The “Equality Act” Is a Men’s Rights Bill

May 13, 2019

From APP director of government affairs Jon Schweppe’s op-ed in The Daily Caller:

House Democrats are set to vote this week to advance H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act,” which transgender advocates are hailing as a landmark piece of civil rights legislation. It is almost certain to pass the full House, though it is unlikely to gain much traction in the Republican-led Senate.

The legislation — including its tedious “findings and purpose” section — reads like it was written by a college sophomore in gender studies. It isn’t clear why Democrats are so desperate to pass it. While progressives might claim that the Equality Act is an LGBT rights bill, it reads much more like a men’s rights bill, which understandably has some feminists asking, “Et tu, Nancy?”

Think I’m exaggerating? Consider this: the Equality Act would fundamentally redefine “sex” within all aspects of civil rights law to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” scrapping the traditional legal standard of male and female as a product of biology and replacing it with an incomprehensible mess. The many legal protections women now enjoy would be effectively eliminated, resulting in a version of “equality” that many of the Equality Act’s supporters might not be anticipating.

Take, for example, Title IX, which was passed to prohibit sex discrimination in education programs. One of the biggest impacts of the 1972 law was to increase scholarship and athletic opportunities for women, opportunities which are now often taken for granted thanks to the wide availability of women’s sports at the high school and collegiate levels.

These opportunities are now under attack — in 2016, the Obama administration sent a wake-up call to female athletes across the nation when it announced it was interpreting “sex” under Title IX to include “gender identity,” allowing any student who claimed to identify as female the right to participate in women’s sports.

While President Trump revoked that policy, the Equality Act would permanently write it into the law, effectively erasing the gains made under Title IX and all but destroying women’s athletics.


Read the full op-ed here.


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