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APP Urges Congress to Oppose Drafting Women into Military

July 27, 2021

Today, American Principles Project (APP) announced its opposition to new legislation which would require women to register for the military draft. The language, introduced by Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), was added to the Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act last week after a committee vote.

On Wednesday, the House Subcommittee on Military Personnel is expected to consider adopting similar language during its NDAA markup hearing. APP is urging all six Republican members of the subcommittee to oppose the addition.

APP President Terry Schilling also released the following statement:

“It’s disturbing we even have to say this: don’t draft our mothers and daughters.

“Those who support this change will of course claim that forcibly conscripting women into the military is necessary for ‘equality.’ But the truth is that our nation’s women don’t need to be thrown onto the battlefield in order to be seen as equal in American society. There is a massive difference between allowing women to volunteer for combat—as well as recognizing the important contributions of our past and present female service members—and drafting our mothers, sisters, and daughters into warfare against their will.

“Unfortunately, while this is simple common sense to most Americans, it’s apparently not for too many of our galaxy-brained legislators in Washington. We urge Republicans in the House and Senate to do everything in their power to strip this provision from the NDAA and, if it is included anyway, to vote the bill down.”

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