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APP Reaffirms Support for President Trump’s Pro-Family Tax Cuts

April 15, 2019

Today is Tax Day — and with it comes renewed attention to President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

This afternoon, Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, released the following statement reaffirming support for the law:

“Democrats and their allies in the media have lied repeatedly about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This deliberate misinformation campaign seems to have worked in its effort to sway public opinion — according to a new poll highlighted in the New York Times, just 39.6 percent of Americans believe they received a tax cut, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans saw their tax liability go down.

“Now, a year after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has taken effect, we are seeing fully just how much families have benefitted. Thanks to lower marginal rates, a doubled standard deduction and – especially – the doubled child tax credit, increasing from $1,000 to $2,000 per child, American families are now enjoying more financial flexibility and more prosperity.

“There is still much work to do in assisting parents still struggling under the considerable weight of other anti-family government policies. However, the importance of the Trump tax cuts to the American family should not be understated. Since taking office, President Trump has proven himself to be a steadfast ally of American families, and his signing last year of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will ultimately be remembered as an important part of his pro-family legacy.”

To schedule an interview with Terry Schilling, contact Paul Dupont at (o) 202-503-2010 or pdupont@americanprinciplesproject.org.


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