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APP Congratulates Glenn Youngkin on Landmark Victory in Virginia

November 2, 2021

WASHINGTON — Tonight, Republican Glenn Youngkin soundly defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race. Youngkin is the first GOP candidate to win a statewide race in Virginia since 2009. Republicans Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares also won the Virginia races for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, respectively.

American Principles Project (APP) was active in the race, and through its affiliated super PAC spent nearly $1 million highlighting the anti-family policies of McAuliffe and the Democrats. You can watch APP PAC’s latest campaign ads here and here.

In response, APP President Terry Schilling released the following statement congratulating Youngkin on his victory:

“Tonight, Virginia voters, and particularly parents, made their voices heard loud and clear. Only a few weeks ago, Terry McAuliffe and Democrats were widely expected to coast to victory in a state Joe Biden won by ten points last year. But then McAuliffe made a big mistake: he told the full, unvarnished truth about Democrats’ anti-family agenda.

“After today’s vote, that agenda has been fully repudiated. Voters have rejected Democrats’ imposition of Critical Race Theory in schools. They have rejected Democrats’ radical transgender policies which would destroy girls’ sports and threaten the privacy and safety of women in their private spaces—and indeed already have in the cases of two high school girls who were sexually assaulted in Loudoun County this year.

“But most importantly, voters have rejected the Democrat view that the education of children belongs to the state and its woke bureaucrats rather than to their loving parents. While that view may still be prevalent in the Biden administration and among many other left-wing elected officials across the country, Democrats should be forewarned: the tide is turning, and a Tea Party for families is coming.

“Glenn Youngkin’s pro-parent, pro-family message strongly resonated in Virginia, and as our past polling has shown, it is also popular nationwide. Republicans have their blueprint for next year’s crucial midterm elections. We urge them to follow it, and we look forward to doing our part to ensure the electoral success of this growing movement in 2022 and beyond.”

Terry Schilling is available for interviews in Virginia this week. To schedule an engagement, contact Paul Dupont at (o) 202-503-2010 or pdupont@americanprinciplesproject.org.


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