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Support the “Stop CRT Act”

Critical Race Theory teaches young white children that they are oppressors due to the color of their skin and teaches young minority children that they are victims trapped in a system rigged against them. This interpretation of America is simply wrong, and does not represent our nation's commitment to equality under the law. The Stop CRT Act of 2021 would prevent federal funding to go to K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities that actively engage in teaching CRT.

Vote no on the so-called ‘Equality’ Act!

If the ‘Equality’ Act passes in the Senate female athletes will be forced to compete against biological males. This will seriously impact their ability to compete for titles, and even for scholarships. Young girls deserve fair competition, and this bill would destroy that opportunity. Urge your Senators to stand up for girls and oppose the so-called Equality Act!

Vote NO on S.1!

The integrity of our electoral system was severely compromised during the 2020 election cycle when the Democrats weakened state laws that ensured fairness and transparency. Now, with S. 1, they want to make this damage permanent with sweeping legislation that will federalize many aspects of our electoral process. Tell your Senators to stand up for our democracy and oppose this harmful bill!

Don’t Draft Our Girls

Congress is about to approve a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will force girls to register for the draft. While many women may choose to enlist in the military voluntarily, the inclusion of women in the draft introduces the troubling possibility that mothers and daughters could someday be drafted into service before fathers and sons. This is outrageous! Contact your Senators and Representative and tell them you don't want them to draft our girls!

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