Mission & Purpose

At APP Foundation, we believe that when the Founding Fathers declared all men to be created equal, they meant that we are equal in our dignity as human beings. As such, we recognize that human flourishing requires public policy with human dignity at its heart.

Our goal is to transform this concept into the concrete. This means that our focus is on public policy solutions that affirm the family as the most basic unit of society. The family is the best vehicle for the rearing of new life and the respect and provision for elderly life. We recognize that in some areas, the government needs to stand back and let families care for each other and their communities. In other areas, the government should be implementing policies that help families do this better.

In light of this vision:

APP Foundation seeks to advance an education system that is controlled by parents, teachers, and local communities. We emphasize local control over federal control, and rich, authentic curriculum over a one-size-fits-all approach.

APP Foundation seeks to advance the role of religion in public life, and promote the good that religious people do for society through family life, business, charity work, education, health care, and all other institutions that make up a free and generous civil society. The greatest threat that this sector of society currently faces is an aggressive assault from the intolerant progressive sexual and gender ideology. In the face of this ideological push to eliminate fundamental differences between men and women, we emphasize the vibrant diversity that freedom of conscience protects within society.

APP Foundation seeks to advance the role of the states in creating good public policy through education on the principles of practical American Federalism — especially in a climate increasingly dominated by the Administrative State. Our work is centered around original scholarship cataloguing and proposing specific remedies to the actual methods and mechanisms through which federal agencies bypasses federal and state legislatures to impose public policy from the top down.

APP Foundation seeks to advance sound monetary policy which protects the dignity of workers. While many organizations address tax reform or regulations, little attention has been given to the rising cost of living and the instability of the money that working class families depend on. We approach economic reform from the point of view of families, rather than a bird’s eye view that doesn’t see how bad policy makes families suffer.

We are dedicated to promoting these principles in the public square through rigorous debate, scholarship, awareness, and education. We welcome collaboration with all who embrace these principles.

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