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The Case for Politics: Why Social Conservatives Must Invest Seriously in Politics

There is a giant hole in the social conservative movement. While some leaders argue social conservatives have invested too heavily in politics, the data tell a different story.

This APP Foundation report illustrates how little social conservatives actually invest in electoral politics — and how this has led directly to a string of high-profile defeats for the movement. The authors then lay out a new strategy for turning the tide, both in politics and culture.

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Building a Winning GOP Coalition: The Lessons of 2012

In the wake of Republicans’ election defeat in 2012, the RNC released an “autopsy” report declaring that the way forward for the GOP was to emphasize an economic message centered on the importance of “job creators,” while also adopting a more “inclusive” stance on social issues. APP disagreed, and in response published this “counter-autopsy” arguing that the next Republican candidate must embrace social conservatism and economic populism as the winning formula — foreshadowing the very strategy President Trump would successfully use three years later.

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Deconstructing the Administrative State: The Fight for Liberty

APP Foundation’s Federalism team details in this groundbreaking book how the administrative state has grown as well as the mechanisms it uses to undermine individual liberty and the American constitutional order. The authors also outline a blueprint for our nation’s political leaders to follow in order to finally begin reining in government excess in Washington.

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