WASHINGTON – Today, the American Principles Project released a new report making the case that the immediate and long-term political viability of the Republican Party is dependent on the existence of strong families and that the GOP needs to adopt a pro-family agenda for 2020.

The report, titled “Family First: Reclaiming the GOP’s Forgotten Constituency,” draws on data from a survey of 5,285 Americans ages 20-65 conducted after the 2018 midterm elections by the Austin Institute. Some of the most important findings from the survey include the following:

  • In 2018, Republicans won more than 45% of married voters, while they won only 38% of divorced voters and less than 26% of cohabiting and never married voters.
  • Among women, Republicans still won 45% of married voters, while winning only 33% of divorced voters and less than 22% of cohabiting and never married voters.
  • Black and Hispanic married voters were twice as likely to vote for Republicans as were their divorced, cohabiting, and never married counterparts.
  • Minority voters from intact families were nearly twice as likely to vote Republican as those from other situations (30% to 16%).
  • Married respondents and those from intact families were more likely than average to hold conservative views on a range of social issues (abortion, marriage, child gender transitions) and economic issues (free markets, government regulation, taxation, income inequality).

Given these results, the report goes on to argue that Republicans urgently need to prioritize a comprehensive policy platform which aims at encouraging and strengthening American families:

On cultural issues, Republicans need to recognize and articulate the serious threat which progressive social policy presents to the family and also be able to offer a positive vision on how social conservatism is at its root directed toward strengthening American families and communities. And on economic issues, Republicans need to completely change their traditional reference point. Rather than prioritizing the interests of ‘job creators’ (i.e. businesses) and emphasizing abstract measures of economic production like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Republican candidates must instead outline of vision that prioritizes the needs of working families and focuses on alleviating the greatest financial obstacles to family formation.

You can read the full report here.

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