We support America-focused immigration laws that protect families, defend workers, respect human dignity and keep us safe.

Fundamental Principles

Our fundamental belief at American Principles Project that human dignity should be at the heart of public policy extends to the debate over how to reform our nation’s immigration system.

We occupy a unique place in the discussion of this increasingly contentious issue:

  • We support immigration laws that strengthen families, protect American workers and keep us safe
  • We support a rules-based immigration system that demonstrates respect for the law.
  • We support increased border security infrastructure, enhanced law enforcement capabilities and a southern border wall
  • We seek a fair, America-focused immigration system that respects the human dignity of every migrant

Human Dignity & Immigration

We’ve come to these principles because we do our homework.

Last year, APP Executive Director Terry Schilling visited an ICE facility in Florida to investigate for himself. Afterwards he wrote in an op-ed for Townhall:

…instead of dark and dirty cages, I found bright, clean facilities with amenities such as a brand new soccer field with artificial turf. The atmosphere was relaxed, as detainees moved around freely, played sports in the yard, took books out of the library, and used the available iPads to call home or speak with their attorneys.

Terry Schilling
Executive Director, APP

American Laws & Election Politics

APP also recently hosted a policy luncheon titled “Ensuring Human Dignity in the Immigration Process” to explore this critical question: as the 2020 elections approach, how do political leaders protect the dignity of immigrants, while maintaining U.S. national sovereignty and respect for the rule of law?

A distinguished panel of expert speakers, including former top government officials, weighed in with a free-wheeling, illuminating discussion:

You can have compassion in the immigration debate and couch our conservative principles in compassion, but a respect for the rule of law.

Patrice Onwuka
Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women’s Forum

The policy of the administration is humanitarian because it’s doing exactly two things: first, dissuading people from making that very dangerous trek. We don’t want women, children, men to make that trek. It’s dangerous. Secondly, we need detention, and you have to be appropriate and humane.

Alfonso Aguilar
President, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles

In terms of the amount of medical care that the agency and its contractors provide, screenings upon the immediate arrival at a facility and then much more in-depth two weeks later. Essentially, what’s available is on care-medical at all times, nutritionist-approved meals, recreation, a soccer field that has astroturf. These are facilities that absolutely take care of folks.

Dan Ragsdale
Contract Compliance EVP, GEO Group and Former ICE Director for President Obama

Borders, Pandemics & America’s Future

In our interconnected, global economy, American families face threats like never before. America must take steps to control what we can control—like our border. As we look to the future, it’s clear that border security, economic security and health security go hand-in-hand.