Defend the Founding

The 1619 Project is a dangerous education program that misleads children and advances progressive politics.

Protecting American History—and Children—from Progressive Revisionism

In recent decades, progressives have used public education to drive a wedge between parents and children and turn schools into propaganda centers for anti-American ideology.

The latest example of this trend is the increasing number of school districts nationwide that have adopted “The 1619 Project” history curriculum in their classrooms.

1776 or 1619?

Developed by The New York Times in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, the curriculum aims to recast American history through the lens of identity politics and asserts that the “true” founding of our nation was in 1619, the year the first slaves were brought to American soil, and not 1776, when the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence.

Apart from its ideological agenda, the project has been criticized for its intellectual dishonesty, historical misrepresentations and factual errors. You can learn more about these issues below:

APP & the Fight Against The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project is a dangerous program likely to mislead millions of American children into having a fundamentally inaccurate understanding of American history so as to persuade them to reject our country’s founding. And worst of all, most parents aren’t even aware it’s happening.

APP is committed to exposing this anti-American endeavor and preventing its continued spread through our education system, specifically by:

  • Opposing The 1619 Project curriculum at the local, state and federal levels
  • Educating policymakers and parents on the dangers of The 1619 Project
  • Defeating politicians who support The 1619 Project and supporting those who defend American history and parental rights
  • Monitoring The 1619 Project and related curriculum initiatives

APP understands that education is a fundamental parental right, and we will protect American history, and our children, from progressive revisionism.


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