Latino Partnership

We work to engage the Latino community on conservative causes and garner greater Latino support for our issues and conservative candidates. We encourage the conservative movement to support Latino conservative groups, leaders, candidates, and policies that are welcoming of Latino immigrants.
As such, we are an effective liaison between established conservative groups and the Hispanic community.

Our focus:

  • Education: Conferences and forums focusing on Latinos and conservatism. We publish papers and reports regarding Hispanic support for conservative ideals and causes.
  • Advocacy: We advocate in favor of conservative issues and policies welcoming of immigrants.
  • Grassroots: We work to educate and engage the Latino community regarding conservative values and ideals. We work to build coalitions and the conservative Latino community nationwide.

Alfonso Aguilar Talks Jeb vs. Hillary on CNN Espanol

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Clinton challenges Bush on immigration as GOP shifts

 Hillary Rodham Clinton has injected new fire into the immigration debate with her call to allow people in the country illegally to gain citizenship, challenging a centerpiece of Republican presidential prospect Jeb Bush's likely candidacy. The elevated focus on immigration shines new light … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar Talks Hillary’s Immigration Shift on CNN

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came out Tuesday squarely in favor of President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration -- and advocated going even further. But while immigration reform activists are praising her position as politically savvy, Republicans are calling … [Read more...]

Puerto Rican Vote Will be Pivotal in Florida

Though Cuban-Americans in the Sunshine State once tilted the Latino vote there toward Republicans, over the years the Latino community has grown in diversity and political leanings, with younger Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans and South and Central Americans throwing their support to … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Heads to Puerto Rico with Eye on Florida

The former Florida governor who has yet to declare his candidacy was to visit Puerto Rico Tuesday for an event at the Universidad Metropolitana de Cupey and for a town hall with the Republican Party of Puerto Rico. Bush's trip to the island also includes a fundraiser at the home of Zoraida … [Read more...]

Rubio Leads in National Polls

These days, it looks like everything’s coming up roses for Sen. Marco Rubio, the man who would be president. Two polls released back-to-back this week showed the Florida Republican who announced his candidacy for president last week, leading all GOP Oval Office hopefuls among registered … [Read more...]

Marco Rubio is a Fresh Conservative Face in the Presidential Contest – Al Jazeera

At 43 years old, Rubio is among the youngest of the major presidential contenders, and he has made the story of how his Cuban-American immigrant parents built a life for themselves in the United States — his father working as a hotel bartender and his mother as a housekeeper — a central part of his … [Read more...]

Immigration Not a Deal Breaker for Rubio, Says Politico

As a pair of deal-making Republicans deeply disliked by elements of the GOP base — Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham — were working with senators from both parties to draft an immigration bill, top Rubio hands flatly warned the Florida freshman not to go there. The advisers feared nothing would … [Read more...]

New Poll Shows Hurdles for Rubio With Hispanics

As Sen. Marco Rubio prepares his presidential campaign, a pollster who specializes in surveying Latinos cast doubt on whether the Florida Republican will help the GOP make inroads with Hispanics. Latino Decisions, founded by professors Gary M. Segura and Matt A. Barreto, said Mr. Rubio carries a … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar Explains Marco Rubio’s Strategy Backing Immigration Reform

The Democratic-led Senate adopted the immigration law, but it went nowhere in GOP-controlled House. And Rubio suffered backlash from tea partiers who felt his support of a path to citizenship for the nearly 11 million immigrants in the country illegally was a betrayal. “I knew that his numbers … [Read more...]