Latino Partnership

We work to engage the Latino community on conservative causes and garner greater Latino support for our issues and conservative candidates. We encourage the conservative movement to support Latino conservative groups, leaders, candidates, and policies that are welcoming of Latino immigrants.
As such, we are an effective liaison between established conservative groups and the Hispanic community.

Our focus:

  • Education: Conferences and forums focusing on Latinos and conservatism. We publish papers and reports regarding Hispanic support for conservative ideals and causes.
  • Advocacy: We advocate in favor of conservative issues and policies welcoming of immigrants.
  • Grassroots: We work to educate and engage the Latino community regarding conservative values and ideals. We work to build coalitions and the conservative Latino community nationwide.

Latino Republicans Plan Pre-Debate Summit on GOP Candidates

Sickened by GOP presidential hopefuls' anti-immigrant rhetoric and hawkish immigration promises, Latino conservatives have a warning for their party's presidential contenders: Chill out, or lose our vote. The Republican field seems to cook up new ways to target migrants each week. Donald Trump … [Read more...]

Trump’s Endorsement of Operation Wetback Raises Eyebrows

“Dwight Eisenhower. You don’t get nicer,” Trump said of the genial-seeming former president, to laughter from the crowd. “You don’t get friendlier. They moved a 1.5 million out. We have no choice. We have no choice.” ...Trump referenced Eisenhower’s policy during a September interview with CBS’ … [Read more...]

Hispanic Conservatives Don’t Like the ‘Nasty Tone’ of the GOP Primary – Washington Examiner

Last week, something historic took place. On the day before CNBC's GOP debate, many of our nation's top Hispanic conservatives and Republicans met in Boulder, Colo., to discuss the GOP primary. The group took issue with the nasty tone some candidates have used to discuss the Latino community, as … [Read more...]

Conservative Hispanic Leader Alfonso Aguilar Agrees With Trump on “Hard Workers” But Takes Issue With His Reckless Immigration Rhetoric

Washington, D.C. — A couple weeks ago, Alfonso Aguilar, Director of American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership, appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show and sparred with Harris-Perry over “hard work." Aguilar called Paul Ryan a “hard worker,” and while Harris-Perry agreed, she criticized … [Read more...]

Latinos shouldn’t pay the price for Republican, NBC debate flap, activists say

Prominent Latino conservatives are concerned that the Republican National Committee’s decision to pull out of a February debate over a dispute with NBC will wind up affecting the party’s Hispanic outreach. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus decided to call off the Feb. 26 … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar on Laura Ingraham

Alfonso Aguilar went on the Laura Ingraham show Wednesday to talk about how conservatives can approach immigration reform and how to win the Latino vote in 2016.  You can listen to the full segment here. … [Read more...]

Radio Interview on Boulder Summit

Alfonso Aguilar joins Here and Now's Robin Young on 90.9 WBUR … [Read more...]

Latino Conservative Groups Won’t Back Trump (Video)

Alfonso Aguilar discusses the implications of this week's Boulder meeting on "Morning Joe" and responds to Mika Brezinski's claim that it isn't "fair". MIKA BREZINSKI (HOST): Sir, if we could be careful on both sides of this and I'm certainly not jumping to Trump's defense here but you just … [Read more...]

Hispanic Conservatives Blast Trump, Watching Cruz – Texas Tribune

BOULDER, Colo. — Declaring Donald Trump anathema to the Latino community, Hispanic conservative leaders issued a stern warning Tuesday to other Republican presidential candidates who adopt the billionaire's hardline immigration views. "Don’t embrace the language of Mr. Trump. Stay away from those … [Read more...]

Conservative Hispanics: Trump ‘Excommunicated,’ Won’t Get Our Votes

Donald Trump swears "the Hispanics love me" and that he'll win the presidency with their votes, but a group of conservative Hispanics say that's not so, Politico reports. A group of dozens of conservative Hispanics met in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday's Republican debate … [Read more...]