Latino Partnership

We work to engage the Latino community on conservative causes and garner greater Latino support for our issues and conservative candidates. We encourage the conservative movement to support Latino conservative groups, leaders, candidates, and policies that are welcoming of Latino immigrants.
As such, we are an effective liaison between established conservative groups and the Hispanic community.

Our focus:

  • Education: Conferences and forums focusing on Latinos and conservatism. We publish papers and reports regarding Hispanic support for conservative ideals and causes.
  • Advocacy: We advocate in favor of conservative issues and policies welcoming of immigrants.
  • Grassroots: We work to educate and engage the Latino community regarding conservative values and ideals. We work to build coalitions and the conservative Latino community nationwide.

Marco Rubio is a Fresh Conservative Face in the Presidential Contest – Al Jazeera

At 43 years old, Rubio is among the youngest of the major presidential contenders, and he has made the story of how his Cuban-American immigrant parents built a life for themselves in the United States — his father working as a hotel bartender and his mother as a housekeeper — a central part of his … [Read more...]

Immigration Not a Deal Breaker for Rubio, Says Politico

As a pair of deal-making Republicans deeply disliked by elements of the GOP base — Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham — were working with senators from both parties to draft an immigration bill, top Rubio hands flatly warned the Florida freshman not to go there. The advisers feared nothing would … [Read more...]

New Poll Shows Hurdles for Rubio With Hispanics

As Sen. Marco Rubio prepares his presidential campaign, a pollster who specializes in surveying Latinos cast doubt on whether the Florida Republican will help the GOP make inroads with Hispanics. Latino Decisions, founded by professors Gary M. Segura and Matt A. Barreto, said Mr. Rubio carries a … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar Explains Marco Rubio’s Strategy Backing Immigration Reform

The Democratic-led Senate adopted the immigration law, but it went nowhere in GOP-controlled House. And Rubio suffered backlash from tea partiers who felt his support of a path to citizenship for the nearly 11 million immigrants in the country illegally was a betrayal. “I knew that his numbers … [Read more...]

Candidates See Puerto Rico Statehood as Key to Florida

The question of what appeals to Puerto Rican voters — what will bring them out to the polls — will increasingly play in the Democratic calculus for the critical state. The answer is less than clear. But some donors and activists are already pushing hard for Puerto Rican statehood as a campaign … [Read more...]

Can Ted Cruz Win Increasingly Pro-Immigration Evangelicals?

As the numbers of Latinos and immigrants of various races and ethnicities have grown, so has the potential for expansion of U.S. evangelical congregations. So the attempt by GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to appeal to evangelical voters on whom he has pinned his presidential aspirations raises the … [Read more...]

How Ted Cruz’s Entry into Race Will Affect Presidential Debate – LA Times

The Texas senator’s chances of winning the White House are narrow, polls suggest. And his aggressive tactics and brash style during two years in the Senate — including nudging the GOP toward the 2013 government shutdown — have alienated many of the Republican leaders whose support he probably needs … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar on AG Nomination, Primary Candidates (Video)

Alfonso Aguilar joined a panel on MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry Saturday where he discussed how Democrats are holding up a human trafficking bill over federal abortion funding, prompting Republicans to delay the appointment of Attorney General nominee Lauretta Lynch.   Later, he … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed: Hillary Has Advantage with Latino Vote in 2016

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive favorite for the Democratic nomination, beat Obama 2–1 among Latino voters in the 2008 primary. It wasn’t just name recognition, either. The Clintons have a robust network of Latino leaders and activists, and long history with outreach that dates back to 1970s in … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar Criticizes Walker, Rubio Immigration Shift – The Hill

Prospective Republican presidential hopefuls are going to great lengths to recast their immigration pasts. Many, like Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, are fully repenting on their past support for plans to grant legal status to illegal immigrants. Congressional … [Read more...]