Latino Partnership

We work to engage the Latino community on conservative causes and garner greater Latino support for our issues and conservative candidates. We encourage the conservative movement to support Latino conservative groups, leaders, candidates, and policies that are welcoming of Latino immigrants.
As such, we are an effective liaison between established conservative groups and the Hispanic community.

Our focus:

  • Education: Conferences and forums focusing on Latinos and conservatism. We publish papers and reports regarding Hispanic support for conservative ideals and causes.
  • Advocacy: We advocate in favor of conservative issues and policies welcoming of immigrants.
  • Grassroots: We work to educate and engage the Latino community regarding conservative values and ideals. We work to build coalitions and the conservative Latino community nationwide.

Immigration cloud hangs over the biggest conservative confab of the year

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Mario Lopez, the president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, was a speaker on one of the most closely watched panels of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — “Immigration: Can conservatives reach a consensus?”   [...]CPAC, which runs here until … [Read more...]

Latinos Voice Opposition to Obama Executive Action

Latino organizations and leaders across the country agree that President Obama made the right move when he issued his executive actions to protect millions of immigrants from deportation in the absence of congressional action. But not all Latinos support the president’s move. Alfonso Aguilar, … [Read more...]

Labor Unions the Enemy of Immigration Reform – Alfonso Aguilar at CPAC

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – Certain labor unions are among the strongest opponents of comprehensive immigration reform, according to experts at the Conservative Political Action Conference. A Thursday panel called "Immigration: Can Conservatives Reach a Consensus," panel featured U.S. Congressman Jeff … [Read more...]

APP to Speak at CPAC Immigration Panel as DHS Shutdown Looms – The Hill

GOP activists will converge this week on the nation’s capital for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just as Capitol Hill lawmakers are staring down a possible Department of Homeland Security Shutdown. The confluence of events could put additional pressure on Republicans … [Read more...]

Alfonso Aguilar Calls for Reform Following Immigration Ruling

... As Obama’s supporters rallied, his opponents urged Congress to block the stalled initiatives permanently. ...Others sought to steer Republicans in a different direction Tuesday. Alfonso Aguilar, former head of the citizenship office under the George W. Bush administration and now executive … [Read more...]

Huffington Post on DHS Fight and Immigration Reform

Republicans said after the 2012 presidential elections that it was imperative to win over more Latino voters, and singled out immigration reform as a key opportunity. But as the 2016 election season creeps closer, GOP members of Congress are instead taking to the House and Senate floors to rail … [Read more...]

USA Today: Congress Making it Hard for GOP to Recruit Hispanics

MIAMI -— In its first month in power, the new Republican majority in Congress has created a challenge for a group of people critical to the party's success in the 2016 elections: GOP operatives in charge of attracting Hispanic voters. Party leaders have been trying to get members to soften their … [Read more...]

How Jeb Bush’s wife could help win him the White House – Alfonso Aguilar, The Hill

Jeb Bush’s secret weapon in his potential White House bid is his wife of 40 years, Columba Bush, supporters of the former Florida governor say. Columba, who would be the nation’s first Hispanic first lady if her husband wins the presidency, largely eschewed the public spotlight in Florida and is … [Read more...]

C-SPAN Immigration Panel With Alfonso Aguilar

Henry Cisneros and Alfonso Aguilar talked about President Obama’s 2014 executive actions on immigration, and the potential for immigration legislation out of the Republican-controlled 114th Congress. Henry Cisneros is a former mayor of San Antonio and served as secretary of Housing and Urban … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed Examines Hillary’s 2016 Latino Advantage

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive favorite for the Democratic nomination, beat Obama 2–1 among Latino voters in the 2008 primary. It wasn’t just name recognition, either. The Clintons have a robust network of Latino leaders and activists, and long history with outreach that dates back to 1970s in … [Read more...]