APP to Sponsor GOP Debate





We are pleased to announce that American Principles Project is sponsoring the South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate. The Palmetto Freedom Forum will be held September 5, 2011, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. The Palmetto Freedom Advisory Committee will invite candidates and prospective candidates who have 5% or higher on the 2012 Republican Presidential RCP Average as is posted on that site on August 22, 2011, at 1PM Eastern Daylight Time.  APP Founder Robert George, along with Senator DeMint (SC) and Representative Steve King (IA) will ask questions of the candidates. For more information about the debate or making a donation, please contact the American Principles Project at 202-503-2010.

DeMint to host Labor Day forum for GOP presidential Contenders

July 11, 2011

By: Michael O’Brien in Politico

“Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) will host a forum for GOP presidential candidates this Labor Day in South Carolina, the American Principles Project announced Monday.

DeMint will host an event — “The Palmetto Freedom Forum” — in which top contenders for the Republican nomination in 2012 will tout their conservative credentials to an audience of party activists in a key primary state.

The event is set to include candidates who have cleared a 5 percent threshold of support by late August, according to the average of polls, meaning that only semi-legitimate contenders will be included.

Candidates, appearing one at a time, will face questioning by a panel including DeMint, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), and Robert P. George, the founder of the American Principles Project. King, like DeMint, is a potential conservative kingmaker in an early nominating contest in the cycle.

DeMint described the event as a potential opportunity for more substantive discussion, not quick-set answers.

“This event will present a vital opportunity for the 2012 presidential candidates to discuss their positions on a number of key issues and to outline their vision for the future of our nation,” said DeMint. “Instead of looking for ‘gotcha’ questions and sound bite answers, this event will offer candidates the opportunity to deliver their message directly to undecided primary voters in South Carolina and beyond.”

The South Carolina senator has taken an active role in the GOP primary process already, asking candidates to sign the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, or risk losing his endorsement.”



  1. Ray J. Price says:

    Dear Sir/Madam: 28Aug11
    My wife and I would like to attend your candidate forum on 5 Sept11. Is there any way to get an invitation to the event? Thank you very much.
    Ray J. Price

  2. Marjorie Fellows says:


    Tickets to the forum are through invitation only. However, please “like” the facebook page, for you’re chance to win tickets and stay tuned for broadcast information. Thanks!

  3. Eleanor Atnip says:

    is the debate going to be televised? PS I’m a Romney fan… I’m glad he will there!

  4. Eleanor–

    I understand (from NOM—the National Organization for Marriage) that the debate will be televised on CNN at 1:00 Eastern Daylight Time. (Also see this information above.)

  5. Patti Brown says:

    Sen. Rick Santorum should be included in this. He finished 4th in the Iowa Straw Poll and since then has gain a lot of ground especially as Gov. Pawlenty dropped out. You have invited people who are not declared candidates, yet you are excluding Santorum. This is not only unfair to his legitimate campaign but it appears that you are trying to insure that he will not get more exposure and take away from some of the others, even others who are not declared, such as Gov. Palin and Mayor Giuliani. Plus, you have extended an invitation to Gingrich, but he is below the 5% in the Real Clear Politic Poll. It appears you have a bias here against seeing Sen. Santorum’s campaign continue to gain momentum.

  6. Nice little private dog and pony show. I guess Republicans prefer that their little coronations take place in secret, away from the actual SC voters.

    • What the hell are you talking about? It is a debate for God’s sake, you people are beside yourselves with your strained nitpicking lately. Go buy a pair of soft tennis shoes, I’ve got a feeling that you are going to need them in the near future. Stomp your feet, yell, screach, but no more gimme gimme money for you.