Obama’s Mandate: An Unparalleled First Amendment Violation

A First Amendment violation “virtually unparalleled in American history.”  That is how the Attorneys General of Nebraska, South Carolina and Texas describe the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ rule that religious employers who provide insurance for their employees provide coverage for contraceptives, sterilization and other like services.  If a lawsuit goes forward it is reasonable to think that those AGs won’t be alone.  It is also unfathomable to think that the Obama administration would even think this was something they could even consider.  Apparently, according to ABC News, this was even hotly debated even within the White House as it has nationally as well.  One would think a divided house would give them pause, but that would presume too much on this current Administration.

Speaker John Boehner promises action to overturn the Administration’s rule.  This could get traction since there is bipartisan opposition as some on the left are coming out in opposition to the proposed rule.  This is also rightfully drawing the ire of Catholics who say that that President Obama is reneging on his promise to leave religious institutions alone in the coverage mandate.   Since he hasn’t kept his promises thus far, why should we believe Vice President Joe Biden when he says that “we can work it out.”

Mr. Vice President, here’s how we can work it out.  Tell President Obama to drop this unconstitutional mandate and to honor the religious liberty that is part of the fabric of our society, a longstanding American principle and an inalienable right.  People have sacrificed much over the right that President Obama seemingly wants to throw away so women can have cheap or free contraceptives.

What a travesty!